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We pride ourselves in giving our customers the fairest and most competitive prices in the Columbus, GA area. Our tree service experts provide superior-level service with the lowest prices you can find. We’ve built our reputation on being the best – and most affordable – tree services company in Columbus, GA.

Columbus, GA Tree Service Costs

Proper care and maintenance shouldn’t cost a fortune, and with our Columbus, GA tree service experts, it won’t! You may notice that our website doesn’t have a list of prices available, and that’s for a very good reason: no tree service job costs the same, and we customize our prices to your unique needs. How do we determine pricing?

  • By Type: Getting rid of a young sapling shouldn’t cost the same as uprooting a decaying old oak! Charging the same price for tree removal across the board goes against our policy of giving our customers fair service.
  • By Team Size: We have a large team of professionals on hand, and the job cost is determined by how many folks we’ll need for your project.
  • By Tools: Your estimate will also take into consideration the kind of professional equipment we’ll need to use.
  • By Timeframe: Stump grinding takes a considerably longer time than tree planting, and your estimate will reflect the amount of time needed for the job.

Free Estimates for All Tree Services

Whether you need emergency services or simply want to get information for future reference, our Columbus, GA tree service professionals are available to give you a free estimate at any time! Contact us to receive a no-obligation estimate for any service, including tree trimming, tree planting, stump grinding and more!

Look no further for Columbus, GA tree service! Our service area includes Tuskegee, Franklin, Shiloh, Shorter, Waverly, Pine Mountain and Phenix City.


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